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Everything you need to know about fiber and exercise

By Andrés Martínez

Personal Traineer and Nutrition Specialist

All of us who exercise know how important it is to consume protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals when training, but we almost always forget an important element, fiber.

Fiber is key in nutrition and fiber is precisely what LeonFlax has to act positively in those people who perform some physical activity. Fiber is important in the diet for any athlete, thanks to its nutritional properties, no matter if it is for fun or profession.

I particularly recommend that people who train take a small portion of soluble fibers before or during exercise as it helps stabilize blood sugar due to physical effort,thus allowing a saving of carbohydrates (energy) during exercise and reducing the feeling of hunger that you may feel at some point during training

But what are the effects of fibera?

The consumption of fiber has many benefits, but the most important are:

  • Regulates the intestinal rhythm.
  • Delays the absorption of carbohydrates during exercise.
  • Helps insulin spikes, which help eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from the blood, progressively.
  • Produces loss of appetite and increased fat loss through evacuation,
  • Regulates cholesterol.
  • Find and reduce excess fat in the organs.

Now it is also important to note that although fiber is widely recommended for exercise, some athletes may be sensitive to fiber and suffer from stomach imbalances, such as diarrhea or colic. In this case, it is advisable to avoid fiber consumption 24 to 36 hours before a competition.

But taking LeonFlax in any of its presentations regularly, you can regulate the times of evacuation, and this will help prevent intestinal complications and other similar, which may be caused during exercise.