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What are diverticula? How Leonflax helps prevent them?

The diverticula They are small glove-finger-shaped sacs that form in the wall of the large intestine, especially in the area of the sigmoid colon. The appearance of diverticula is considered to be linked to different factors:

1- Genetic predisposition

2- Low-fiber diet

3- Chronic constipation

4- Older adults

The presence of diverticula may not present symptoms or may be associated with bloating and abdominal pain, gas, inflammation, and chronic constipation. However, the retention of fecal matter within the diverticulum can cause inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and favor the invasion of bacteria that predispose the appearance of a local infection, called Diverticulitis.

Food constitutes the fundamental pillar to avoid the appearance of diverticula and in the prevention of complications. Different considerations to take into account: creating a habit to dedicate the time to get out of the body, avoid restraining the desire for several hours., In addition, maintaining adequate hydration and having an active life, will stimulate intestinal transit and help prevent constipation .

A diet rich in soluble fibers helps reduce pressure within the intestine and speeds up transit. For this reason, our formula LEONFLAX, With its high content of natural fibers and the beneficial contributions of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, it is a fundamental element when planning meals to avoid the development of diverticula in addition to preventing other digestive diseases.

¿What are natural fibers and where are they found??

Fibers are found for the most part in foods rich in carbohydrates that the intestine cannot digest or absorb. There are soluble and insoluble fibers in water, Leonflax bring a little of each.

Soluble fibers are found in the pulp of apples, pears, and mangoes. In addition, they are present in oats, green beans, the pulp of chickpeas and other legumes that are capable of absorbing a large amount of water. They stand out because they help eliminate cholesterol and sugar in the blood and, therefore, they are strongly recommended to improve the metabolic profile and reduce the risk of heart attack.

In contrast, insoluble fibers do not dissolve in water. They help to increase the volume of stool, and for this reason they fight constipation. In turn, they provide satiety, because they take longer to digest in the stomach and the person feels satisfied for longer. They are found in foods rich in cellulose such as green leafy stalks, nuts, potatoes and sweet potatoes, fruit skins, wheat bran, and the seeds and powder of the Canadian flax , one of the main ingredients together with the wheat and oat bran in our formula Leonflax.

What foods should I choose and which ones to avoid

People with diverticula should always prefer foods rich in soluble fibers and eliminate as much as possible the seeds of sesame, sunflower, etc. as well as the seeds of cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines, squash, and avoid strawberries, kiwi, or red fruits. In addition, it is important to remove the skins from citrus fruits. Green beans can be eaten if the strings have been carefully removed beforehand and they must be well cooked.

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw such as cooked, nuts, dehydrated or compote fruits, whole grains including brown rice, whole wheat pasta and breads made with whole wheat flour. On the other hand, you can consume skim milk, red or white meat, egg, oil, avocado, etc.

Finally, you must be attentive to hydration since a diet rich in fiber should always be associated with a good supply of water. On average, one and a half liters in women and two liters in men per day, adapting the amount to drink according to the losses due to exercise and temperatures in which they live.

For this type of diet, high in content of natural fibers and essential fatty acids that will help not only to eliminate constipation and prevent diverticula but also to improve our digestive metabolism is where Leonflax it becomes the best ally for a balanced and healthy diet.©