Si quieres tener una vida más saludable combina LeonFlax en cualquiera de sus presentaciones, con estos consejos que tenemos para ti

The Secrets of Flax

Flaxseed is considered by many to be a magic seed for the many health benefits it has. The benefits of flaxseed range from helping weight loss to lose weight to controlling blood cholesterol levels and even being considered as an anticancer and an aphrodisiac.

This seed, the main ingredient in LeonFlax, is extracted from the flax plant that is grown in temperate climates. There are many regions in the world that cultivate it, but Canada is considered the best quality and most famous, because thanks to its climate, the level of fatty acids and oils in the seeds is quite considerable.

Excellent for constipation.

The consumption of flaxseed is a good natural laxative, and many specialists recommend it to restore the intestinal flora, detoxify the body and reduce digestion time.

Control cholesterol

Fiber prevents fats from being absorbed by the intestines, thus reducing blood cholesterol levels, also Flaxseed is widely recommended for people with diabetes as it reduces the absorption of saturated fats, one of the main problems of those who suffer from this disease.

Helps skin look better

Consuming flaxseed regularly produces that in a short time the skin becomes smoother and softer, problems such as psoriasis eczema will improve notably. There are also people who use flaxseed to make face masks that offer a deeper cleansing of the skin.

Helps in weight loss

Its high content of dietary fiber causes a filling effect, so the appetite is kept under control.


Arguably, flaxseed helps to improve the blockage of blood circulation in the arteries, which is one of the causes of impotence in men and frigidity in women.


One of the characteristics of the fatty acids in flaxseed is that they help the kidneys to release sodium and water, thus reducing inflammation of the ankles, some forms of obesity and the famous premenstrual syndrome, among other conditions.

It is considered an anticancer

Some studies indicate that some substances contained in flaxseedlike lignans, fatty acid and 27 other compounds, they can be identified as anticancer, since they favor the blockade of developing malignant tumors.

As you can see, there are many benefits that the consumption of flaxseed offers you for your health and basically this is our main ingredient.

¿What are you waiting to include in your diet? LEONFLAX is the ideal companion for all those who want to start a true process of change.