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Relieve symptoms of constipation and restore your natural rhythm

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LeonFlax Cleanser and Fitness MoringFlax

Supplements that will help you relieve the symptoms of constipation, and have a much healthier life. Its flaxseed-based ingredients offer you unique benefits.

What makes LeonFlax unique

LeonFlax is the only formula that contains and combines 14 ingredients
100% natural that act on the body without producing adverse side effects.

Linaza Canadiense Molida, Linaza Canadiense Entera

Salvado de Trigo / Salvado de Avena

Maca / Nopal / Noni / Psyllium / Piña / Toronja

Naranja / Papaya / Manzana / Hoja de Senna

Commercial:The whole family enjoys it
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How to take LeonFlax?
Relieve symptoms of constipation and restore your natural rhythm
Gabriel Gomez
When Leonflax came to life more than a year ago, I was looking for a product that had fiber to help me with constipation and irritable bowel problems. In my case, because of my work, I don't have much time to exercise, I have a fairly sedentary life. This product not only brought me digestive and health benefits because I suffered from overweight problems and thanks to LeonFlax this year I have managed to lose almost 10 kilos in a healthy and natural way.
Jose Bernardo Ruíz
Before I had stomach pains and diarrhea, at the clinic I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, polyps and erythematous gastritis, but after I discovered LeonFlax and consuming it regularly I began to see the changes. For example, before you could not drink whole milk, now you can. Or if I ate something and felt heavy, I took LeonFlax and the next day the feeling would go away. But the most surprising thing is that when I went to the doctor most of the symptoms had disappeared the symptoms in the stomach and in the intestines!
Queen Lucia Round
My 10-year-old son had been suffering from gastric problems and since taking LeonFlax two months ago, he has felt super relieved by that, I recommend it to keep the colon clean and help digestion. It is a super natural product and has no contraindications. It can be taken by anyone of any age. It is very healthy!

LeonFlax Cleanser and Fitness MoringFlax.

Relieve symptoms of constipation and restore your natural rhythm

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